Our designed solutions, help you to reach your target in the market, whether it’s running a B2C model, hiring employees, or delivering healthcare to your patients.

How We Provide Professional Booking Service

When it comes to scheduling or booking an appointment from any professional, the MindLogics must be kept in the mind for some superior solutions. We’re giving the opportunity to the people to schedule their appointments through a personalized scheduling page. This software is providing facility to both doctor and patients. You firstly need to sign up and then you can get further assistance. We ensure to deliver a great quality service by offering the best professional booking services online. The procedure starts once you will get sign up in the web application solution you can easily find the desired doctor of your own desired requirement. Like if you want a diabetic specialist you can search them and book an appointment online. You can even check their every single detail as well as experience details.

As when a doctor sign up to our web application solution he or she needs to adds every little detail regarding his degree and experience and with the help of these details they can have as many patients as they want as experience matters a lot especially in medical field. Whenever appointments are scheduled, cancelled or booked, the reminders to patients as well as doctors are sent via SMS or email. Our dedicated security individual backs up all data for secured communication.

At its most basic, an online booking system is a web application that allows a patient to search the required doctor and book appointment directly through the website. That means from the moment, patient searches for the doctor choose the best doctor for him or her and then book an appointment according to the availability is handled online, greatly reducing the workload on your staff and removing the opportunity for double-bookings. Advanced systems like ours allow patients to book through a variety of methods online, including mobile, greatly expanding the potential for bookings for your business, and better leveraging an increasingly social internet.

How We Provide Professional Appointment Services

We give the opportunity to people to schedule their appointments through a personalized scheduling page. We ensure to deliver a great quality service by offering the best professional appointment services online. You need to sign up in order for the web application to easily find you the doctor according to your requirements.

When a doctor signs up for our web application solution he or she needs to add details such as their education and work experience. This will make their profile more convincing to the patients in order for them to set an appointment with them.

Whenever appointments are scheduled, canceled, or booked, the reminders to patients are sent via SMS or email. Our dedicated security individual backs up all data for secured communication.

This is the most convenient web app launched by MindLogics in order to allow people to save time from spending hours in a hospital waiting for their turn.

Bring your business online and earn higher revenues in less amount of period. Our solution is curated with an aim to simplify e-commerce for our clients. With our solution, you can easily manage your business by providing you following features·        

  • Inventory Management
  • Order Management
  • Automated Billing
  • POS Management

Make recruitment a hassle-free process, by using our intelligent digital solution that enriches the process while saving the time and energy of SMEs. Our solution is planned to widen your research regarding the market and help organize tasks efficiently. Along with increasing the productivity level, you can benefit from automated data collection and hiring processes.

  • Convenient Selection Process
  • Analysis of the Market
  • Automated Data Collection

The Job Marketplace App: Is It Beneficial for You?

A job marketplace is created to assist companies in managing applicants and searching for new job opportunities. The application is user-friendly and provides insights, and personalized salary tools along with the option to access career resources. For the relevant search experience, the developers have added more features to get accurate search results.

The details of the applicants are automatically matched to the profile of a job posting, and an initial applicant ranking is created, which is then forwarded to the appropriate department for detailed examination.

Once you install the app, it requires a user to sign up by sharing the email address and some important personal information.

The job marketing application is very beneficial for all the companies who needs to hire highly qualified and experienced individuals and as well for job seekers who are looking for companies with a healthy working environment.

Use our marketing solution, email marketing to reach out to your clients by sending them a well-written newsletter, promotional content, and other kinds of alerts. Email marketing solution takes care of the repetitive task for you, giving you time to create content by focusing on your target audience. You can gain the following features:

  • Campaign Analysis
  • Automated Emails
  • Creation of Bulk Emails

How does an E-mail Marketing Solution Boost Your Sales?

When a recipient clicks on your email, it develops brand awareness leading to an increase in sales and building customer loyalty. From conception to execution, our solution offers a complete service while covering every aspect in order to achieve successful marketing results.

The experts create top-notch quality yet original content for the email and send it to various IDs at once while making sure the email isn’t left behind in the outbox and is delivered promptly. Email is still one of the most effective forms of marketing. If you use it correctly, you can target prospective customers with relevant information, at precisely the right time – gaining brand loyalists for life.

You can enhance your business with our, SMS marketing solution which helps businesses to target specific mobile devices. By sending relevant, targeted messages to clients’ mobile devices, this kind of solution aids strengthens brand loyalty and engagement. You can gain the following features:

  •       Multi-channel Follow-ups
  •       Organized Contact Lists
  •       Data Storage
  •       SMS Surveys

Increase Sales By SMS Marketing

Many business-related issues can be easily resolved through SMS marketing techniques. MindLogics has come up with SMS marketing solutions that manage new arrivals, sales, and deals offered by a business/company.

The promotional strategy of SMS marketing sounds quite simple to do. However, this job is mind-boggling beyond one’s thoughts. Our solution is equipped with a flawless system that sends bulk text messages to customers easily.

 The messages vary from offers, sales, new lines, product launches, and promotional texts. It is one of the cost-effective techniques that bring some knowledge about the latest discounts and offers by any brand. Our team has specialized individuals who deliver promotional text messages to a large sum of people in the shortest period of time.

In the modern world, having a social media platform is a must. Create your own customized social media platform and give tough time to the big social network companies in the sea. Our solution, allows you to run operations smoothly. Our AI-powered solution, helps you build communities and create awareness of essential issues. The following are the core benefits of having a social media platform:

  •       Massive Engagements
  •       Brand Awareness
  •       Wider Reach
  •       Higher Revenues
  •       Low-Cost Advertisement

How MindLogics can help to grow your Business

Reaching potential buyers for any business has become simpler due to social media. People can use your social media platform to grow and attract their target audiences. We start by growing your business by developing a social networking channel/site like Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

Social networking site development can serve as an excellent marketing tool for businesses for the effective promotion of their brand. Social networking has the capability to completely change the entire method of business performance in a few months.

A streaming platform solution curated by Mindlogics has become an essential resource for communications. Marketing, sales, and business development. This solution will allow you to launch a personal video streaming service in minutes. Your consumers can upload, download and can, watch/listen live TV whenever they want. The users can stream various video files in a variety of formats by using this app. 

Similarly, you can launch your own live audio streaming application, where people can listen to the music of their choice by various artists. Such an app will also give them an opportunity to enjoy different varieties such as pod-casts while keeping themselves well-informed.

MindLogics has a goal to grant easy access to international clients who aim for the triumphant outcomes of their business goals. The company has a creative group of enterprise developers, project managers, digital marketers, developers, and designers who manufacture reliable solutions, according to the requirements with practical approaches.We provide the following solutions for the ease of your business:

  •      Marketplaces
  •      Exam & Learning Platform
  •      Streaming Platform
  •      Social Media Platform
  •      E-mail 
  •      SMS Marketing

Understanding the hardships of running a business in the modern world, the company has engineered customizable solutions, that eases recruitment, education, marketing and streaming for its clients. To know further, browse the categories in detail and choose the best fit for yourself today.

The Educational Learning Web Application

Engineered by the best professionals in the US, Mindlogics provide you with a low-cost solution that allows you to manage an online learning institute without any hassle. The solution enhances the online education experience for your ease. In addition, it is trained to manage online assignments and run e-learning applications. You can access the following benefits:

  •       Virtual Teaching
  •       Knowledge Analysis
  •       Courses Management
  •       E-Learning Application

 The genius solution by Mindlogics proves to be the latest addition for the education industry as it allows students to easily handle their academic routine and tasks smartly.

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