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Why Mindlogics

Satisfied customer is the best source of advertisement.

Award Winning Company

With over fifteen years of experience, MindLogics is the best company for your software needs. Our exceptional services are delivered by our highly qualified team of designers, developers, engineers and digital marketers. They have created amazing web and mobile apps that are award-winning, fully functional, and user-friendly.We have a proven track record of working with 100% satisfaction rate on world leading platforms.

Responsive & Communicative

We are always in touch with our customers to ensure 100% satisfaction. We pay attention to every detail and respond to all your emails, phone calls, and messages on the same day. We know that communication is essential for the success of any project, so we keep our client informed and involved. We show them the daily progress on their projects. If you have any query, just contact us and we will reply right away.

Focused and Result Oriented

Our team of designers, developers and engineers are well-trained and focused on their tasks. They follow all the guidelines diligently. You will see our focus and results from the start to the end of the project. We take a careful approach to each project by focusing on your business goals. We will not only follow your details with full attention, but we will also deliver the best results within the given time and budget.

Skilled & Experienced experts

Our team consists of the best designers, developers, engineers, digital marketers, project managers, and business analysts in the industry. We are always learning and growing with the latest technologies to create successful projects. We value open and constructive discussions. Our experts are easy and enjoyable to work with. Our team of professionals takes care of your every need from the concept to the execution. We work in harmony with our clients to deliver the best service possible.

Your Long-Term Partner

Mindlogics is your long term partner in software development. We have a track record of meeting deadlines, staying within budget, and satisfying our clients. Most of our clients gave us a 5-star rating for our excellent service and quality. We are the best addition to your business by delivering the results you need. We have developed solutions for our customers that have achieved great success. Our extraordinary services have attracted and retained our clients, and that is why we have long term relationships with them.

Business Models for Design & Development

We follow the particular best strategies and policies to offer the right business models intended for our various customers. Sometimes, our clients don’t have a clear picture of the right Business Models in their minds. With this point, we carefully inspect the requirements of the project, the methods necessary to complete the job plus the amount of period that will be put in it. Accordingly, we advise the customers to one of the subsequent models:

Fixed Price Costing Model

If the project requirements are clearly defined and outline by a customer, then the fixed price costing model is the ideal one. We prepare a detailed quotation after review customer requirements and send specific prices inside which we carry on to complete project analysis, design, development, digital marketing and quality assurance services. In this model, we also define time and milestones to get the project complete. For any changes that occur during the project execution, we revise the scope of work and send it to the client for approval.

Dedicated Resources Approach

At MindLogics, our clients can work with graphic designers, website designers, HTML coders, PHP developers, ROR developers, mobile app developers, digital marketing experts, social media marketing experts, content writers, project managers and quality assurance engineers at a fixed monthly cost. Using this approach companies choose highly skilled and qualified team members to work on all their regular projects. Resources may be hired part-time(40, 60, 80 hours) and full-time(160 hours) basis.

Time and Material Approach

If the client is certainly not sure about project scope and functionality then time and material-based approach become the correct option. In this business model, the client pays in line with the number of man-hours that have been put into the job. MindLogics keep record almost all of the consumed hours with comprehensive task details to be present the clients. We issue weekly invoices for this approach. This is the best approach for the bigger projects where iterative design and development life cycle involved.

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