MindLogics isn’t just limited to providing web development, branding, web designing, and logo designing and similar sort of online services. The company has the expertise to deliver services for content management systems, PSD to HTML5, Open Source Development, E-Commerce solution, Responsive website coding and JavaScript coding. Our operations believe in the fact of delivering quality work as per the actual requirements. The tasks are executed by keeping the new technology into consideration. We only trust on the fairly trusted procedures that must result in living up to the client’s expectations. MindLogics have proved itself in every field whether it is regarding education, ordering system, social media or booking platform.
Running a business has, over the last two decades, changed significantly. The way we agree deals has gone from a handshake and a pen to the click of a digital button, physical locations have been replaced by websites and myriad other shifts have meant that for traditional businesses, times have changed dramatically.
Perhaps most notable among the changes, however, has been the way in which customers approach businesses to book. Gone are the days in which staff members sat eagerly awaiting calls with a calendar by their side, replaced with online booking systems that take the hassle out of booking for customers and business. But what is the purpose of an online booking system for your business? Join us as we explain, starting with the basics.

How We Provide Professional Booking Service

When it comes to scheduling or booking an appointment from any professional, the MindLogics must be kept in the mind for some superior solutions. We’re giving the opportunity to the people to schedule their appointments through a personalized scheduling page. This software is providing facility to both doctor and patients. You firstly need to sign up and then you can get further assistance. We ensure to deliver a great quality service by offering the best professional booking services online. The procedure starts once you will get sign up in the web application solution you can easily find the desired doctor of your own desired requirement. Like if you want a diabetic specialist you can search them and book an appointment online. You can even check their every single detail as well as experience details.
As when a doctor sign up to our web application solution he or she needs to adds every little detail regarding his degree and experience and with the help of these details they can have as many patients as they want as experience matters a lot especially in medical field. Whenever appointments are scheduled, cancelled or booked, the reminders to patients as well as doctors are sent via SMS or email. Our dedicated security individual backs up all data for secured communication.
At its most basic, an online booking system is a web application that allows a patient to search the required doctor and book appointment directly through the website. That means from the moment, patient searches for the doctor choose the best doctor for him or her and then book an appointment according to the availability is handled online, greatly reducing the workload on your staff and removing the opportunity for double-bookings. Advanced systems like ours allow patients to book through a variety of methods online, including mobile, greatly expanding the potential for bookings for your business, and better leveraging an increasingly social internet.

Salient Functions & Features of Booking Platform

Every booking internet platform offers a number of awesome features that can put a reservation workflow on autopilot and ease the life of booking officers and its end users. Here is the list of basic features, which means IBS functionality includes but is not restricted by:

The Benefits of Using Online Booking Service

Online booking meaning cannot be overestimated: it saves time for both doctors and their patients. However, it’s not the only reason for you to consider leveraging web-based booking system in your business.

It is hard to find a trusted site or an online platform that offers a variety of software solutions with the best outcomes. MindLogics has the ideal services and web applications with the specialized team. The vision of MindLogics is to keep the clients satisfied through web designing, brand promotion, logo making and many other related services. This company is also giving you an opportunity to earn by starting your own small business from the home. The company would endorse your business through their order marketplace app.

Order Marketplace App by MindLogics: How to use the platform?

A market order is a request by an investor usually made through a broker or brokerage service to buy or sell a security at the best available price in the current market. It is widely considered the fastest and most reliable way to enter or exit a trade and provides the most likely method of getting in or out of a trade quickly. For many large-cap liquid stocks, market orders fill nearly instantaneously.
A market order is considered the most basic of all orders. It is meant to be executed as quickly as possible at the current asking price for a security. That is why certain brokerages include trading applications with a buy/sell button. Hitting this button generally executes a market order. In most cases, market orders incur the lowest commissions of any order type, as they require very little work from either a broker.
MindLogics have established a particular online business platform which emphasizes on providing an order marketplace to sell anything like household products, mobile accessories, mobiles, clothing, and different sort of gifts and so on to the online buyers. In simple words, the platform is for selling products. Everything is electronic based with the IT infrastructure. We are providing you efficient signing up system so that it will become easy for your friends and family to find you on your marketplace and buy required products from you. It also specifies the shop keeper. Here I mean to say that the products those are been uploaded on a web application has a specific shop keeper name with it. The app provides a precise searching experience to the users so that they find the exact product according to the requirements.

The Benefits to Know About Order Marketplace App

MindLogics cares for their clients in numerous ways. Here are some great benefits that you’ll get after using our online marketplace.
With online ordering on board you will enrichen your customer experience by making the process of ‘placing orders’ a lot easier. It will show that you value your customer’s time. Online ordering will guarantee a ‘level up’ to your web presence. And a good web presence will make you stand out in the search engine rankings and bring more customers to you.
Online ordering will boost your productivity by eliminating the inefficient process of taking orders. It will help you to plan and implement an adaptive marketing campaign. Utilising the latest online ordering technology for your restaurant will also help you to tap into a massive customer base which is tech-savvy and believes in ‘online way’.

There is no doubt about the fact of the constant rise in unemployment all over the world. But sometimes, unemployed individuals don’t choose the right online platforms to get all current updates about available jobs.
Are you a business owner looking to post jobs online? Or you are an individual looking for highly paid good and long term jobs. Create online employment applications or you can find a good job both can be done with our easy-to-use recruiting & hiring web application specially created to ease the work of the company and the person looking for a job. MindLogics has turned this problem resolved by developing a Job Marketplace web application. Apart from creating unique web designs and developing the brand logos, the company is also keen to help the jobless individuals to search for the innumerable employment opportunities through a well-built web application.

The Job Marketplace App: How it Works?

Job ads and applicants can be efficiently managed and monitored with the web application developed by MindLogics for the job marketplace. The entire recruiting process is controlled from the web application, tasks are assigned to the process participants, and their completion is monitored. Applications are automatically compared to the profile of the job posting, and an initial applicant ranking is created, which is then forwarded to the appropriate department for detailed examination.
A job marketing web application was created to assist companies in managing applicants and processing new jobs. When it comes to the level of importance, no other company asset can compete with a productive, competent employee. Finding these employees, however, is a challenge.
You can find millions of jobs online to find the career’s next step with this app. Not just the jobs but there are options to find company reviews, resumes and various tools for hunting the jobs. The application is user-friendly and based on different options. It has insights, personalized salary tools and access to career resources. For the relevant search experience, the developers have added more features i.e. search by city, search by experience, search by salary range etc. It is quite easy to use. Once you install the app, it requires a user to sign up by sharing the email address and some important personal information.
The job marketing application is very beneficial for all the companies who need to hire highly qualified and experienced individuals and also for individuals who are looking for the best companies.

The Advantages of Job Marketplace

Your job hunting experience is turning out to be more time-saving. MindLogics give a better solution by introducing a web application. Have a look at the great benefits of this job posting and finding web application.
The web application created for the job marketplace is highly efficient and effective in hiring a reliable employee as well as it also allows many individuals to send their resumes to those companies you are interested in and can get a good chance of getting hired. So, use job marketing web application created by MindLogics to solve your job related and employment-related issues.

MindLogics is the only trusted name with various software solutions with the availability of specialized web designers, coders, logo makers and many other experts. The company also offers numerous ways of promoting your business/brand with the assurance of success. Like SMS marketing, another workable way is email marketing. MindLogics views are creating a team that lives up to the expectations of the clients. When it comes to promoting a business, our specialized staff ensure helpful ways to give full access to customers to a company. From designing a webpage to advertise a brand, the company excels in every field for the triumphant results.

What are Email Marketing Application and How Does it Work?

The solution of Email marketing permits you to design, implement and check the marketing campaigns. One can streamline the operations through campaign automation tools, email scheduling features and email builders. It turns out to be simpler to determine the major metrics through analytic and reporting to the marketers.
It’s not just a matter of presenting the offers, new arrivals and deals. When a recipient clicks on your email, it develops brand awareness, increases direct sales, nurture leads and builds customer loyalty. It is a time-taking procedure to send the emails separately i.e. creating feedback reports, sending the actual emails, segregating it to the subcategories and preparing the list. It is a time-saving replacement of the manual workflows.
It helps in determining ROI through clear metrics and helps to split-test campaigns. The performance of the campaign can actually be checked in real-time with the streaming key metrics solution. The better outcomes arrive when you change the campaign. Our team is offering a well-managed Email Marketing application with the help of a specialized team. From conception to execution, MindLogics is offering a complete service covering every aspect of promoting the business. We work on developing high quality and feature-rich marketing campaigns to engage buyers in different ways. The minimum of hassle with maximum returns is part of our fully managed approach. The experts create the top-notch quality yet original (uncopied) content and send the email to various IDs at once. They also keep eyes on checking whether the emails have been delivered or failed to send (due to any reason). The specialized individuals never miss any important info so that the customers go through every minor detail.
You are taking your campaign’s potential for-granted in case of not using the program in email marketing efforts. The important point is to go through an in-depth explanation of benefits and features to get a better understanding of particular email marketing software functionalities. This is definitely a modern way to get major investment returns.

Benefits of Using Email Marketing Solution

It’s not too late to ask for the result-driven Email marketing help from us for your business-related stuff. Check out the benefits of choosing us for this job.
I hope you now feel more comfortable, confident, and excited about email marketing. As you’ve seen, email is a wonderful channel that can drive tons of revenue for your business. The trick is to start small and grow your email program over time. Email is still one of the most effective forms of marketing. If you use it correctly, you can target prospective customers with relevant information, at precisely the right time – gaining brand loyalists for life.

A creative solution provider company that is providing error-free solutions having an experience of ten years. MindLogics is a renowned and highly professional company that designs, develops, and promotes leading projects for all the companies, markets and industries. The company is famous just because of its remarkable services. The company has hired the best professionals who can blend innovations and creativity with technology and come up with unique web applications for you. They know how to cater to your needs and stand up to your expectations. They can design your web app and website compellingly.
MindLogics is providing easier access to international clients who aim for the triumphant outcomes of their business goals. The company has a creative group of enterprise developers, project managers, digital marketers, developers and designers to cater to the needs of clients. The company adopts procedures and tested methods according to the requirements with practical and simple approaches.
Marketing is related to the promotion of selling any service or product. It is based on delivering, selling and advertising of a brand to grab the attention of buyers. MindLogics is the right place to get your business promoted through advanced solutions of SMS marketing. We have the expertise who works harder so that the more buyers come to your store for grabbing new deals and arrivals. We have the coders, designers and developers with years of field experience.

What is SMS Marketing by MindLogics?

SMS marketing (short message service marketing) is a technique that uses permission-based text messaging to spread promotional messages. To receive text message specials, new product updates or more information, customers are usually required to opt in to an automated system by texting an initial shortcode. When the 5 digit code is texted, that user’s phone number is then stored by whatever SMS marketing software is issuing the texts. A confirmation response is usually sent as receipt for opting in, with an opt-out code included for potential future unsubscribing (Ja.Txt).
Many of the business-related issues can be easily resolved through SMS marketing techniques. MindLogics has come up with the SMS marketing software that manages new arrivals, sales and deals offered by a business/company. The promotional strategy of SMS marketing sounds quite simple to do. However, this job is mind-boggling beyond one’s thoughts. The company has introduced a flawless system of SMS marketing by sending text messages to customers and other people. The messages vary from offers, sales, new lines, product launches and promotional texts. It is one of the cost-effective techniques that bring some knowledge about the latest discounts and offers by any brand. Our team has specialized individuals who deliver the promotional text messages to a large sum of people in the shortest period of time.

The Benefits Of Using Our SMS Marketing Software

It is harder to let the large masses know about anything new launched by your business, the fresh deals, arrivals and other offers. You simply need to prefer SMS marketing services by MindLogics. Check out the benefits of trusting our help regarding SMS marketing.
If you want your business to get a lot of development then you must need to upgrade your marketing system. As you all are well aware that marketing is the best way of increasing or decreasing any business. A business having good marketing will get huge fame and success in very little time. There are numerous businesses that are now using this technique and as a result, they are getting good outcomes and an increase in revenues. So the one who is not using SMS marketing web application for their business must try and they will get amazed by seeing a result. There are many SMS marketing web application but solutions provided by MindLogics are best of them, with numerous functionalities and ease of use.

MindLogics is a renowned and highly professional company that designs, develops, and promotes leading projects for all the companies, markets and industries. The company is famous just because of its remarkable services. The company has hired the best professionals who can blend innovations and creativity with technology and come up with unique web applications for you. They know how to cater to your needs and stand up to your expectations. They can design your web app and website compellingly.
MindLogics is providing easier access to international clients who aim for the triumphant outcomes of their business goals. The company has a creative group of enterprise developers, project managers, digital marketers, developers and designers to cater to the needs of clients. The company adopts procedures and tested methods according to the requirements with practical and simple approaches.
MindLogics is the one-stop web platform to provide the next-level virtual support for digital marketing, coding and web development. Our objective is to provide the well-designed websites and social sites within the budget of a client. The company doesn’t only believe in catering to your needs but turning every attempt successful for a better overall experience. We also ensure to obtain your business goals in the best possible manner.
Our entire team is well aware of today’s technologies and we will surely design and develop that type of web application that complies with today’s technology. As we are well aware that social media is playing an important role in getting our businesses and industries a reliable success. Social media is a great source for increasing your revenues and increasing your customer or in short to give your business great fame. So MindLogics brings for you social media sites to give your business next level success.

Social Media by MindLogics: How does it work?

Reaching the prospects and customers for any business has become simpler due to social media. You don’t need to hire social media marketers by paying them what you actually can’t afford. We start from growing your business by developing a social networking channel/site like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.
Social networking site development can serve as an excellent marketing tool for businesses for the effective promotion of their brand. Social networking will completely change the entire method of business performances in a unique manner. It also serves as a perfect platform for recruitment for the organizations, sharing content, crowd-sourcing, earn rewards, chat, project collaboration and more.
Our job is to create a social networking site that can promote your brand in a better way. It’s quite easier to build a strong social media presence through our social media sites. Our method for promoting your brand aims for developing a strong brand presence. By creating an engaging and efficient social media site we made it possible to get the organic viewers and even buyers that actually result in the growth of your venture. The web solutions developed by us are no doubt will prove to be the best addition in your business. We are keen on developing our social media site to provide you with the best results. The purpose of this platform is to give you a bigger opportunity to promote any business or a brand. We will design the social media platform as per your convenience. We hope you will find your best solution with our social media platform for business growth.

Benefits of the Social Media Platform

It is more than just creating ads and publishing posts when it comes to an effective social media promotion. We are offering bespoke features in social networking website designing for uninterrupted communication. Have a look at some benefits.
If you are looking for the best social media web design company we are the right choice, we’ve designed some incredible social media networks over these years as expert social media network web designers. We know by fact that social media websites can be of huge success, therefore, our company can help you transfer your vision into actual cool web design. Our team consists of versatile graphic designers, UI/UX designers, supervisors, engineers, UI planners, and developers to ensure all the social media websites we design stay wonderfully structured and flawless in usefulness.
Our social media website design procedure comprises of appropriate documentation, arranging, wireframing, structuring, coding, and testing. We make sure to come up with a product just as per the requirement the client put forward. We guarantee the unwavering quality, great pricing, and above all client satisfaction.

MindLogics has brought some helpful solutions related to web development, booking platform, social media site building, branding, education and many other related fields. Apart from sharing the revenue-boosting solutions for business, MindLogics also cares to provide you with endless entertainment and infotainment. The company is offering an audio-video streaming web application that combines streaming and social networking in one. This is another achievement of MindLogics to provide a great dose of fun and time-passing activity loaded with entertainment.

The Streaming Web App by MindLogics

A streaming application is a program that has its necessary components downloaded as needed instead of being installed ahead of time on a computer. The remainder is downloaded in the background, as needed. Once completely downloaded, a streaming application will function without a network connection.
Now, you can be able to launch a personal video-audio streaming app in minutes. You can upload, download and can watch/listen live whenever you want and from wherever you’re. The users can stream audio and video files in a variety of formats by using this app i.e. Avi, Mkv, mp4, mp3, RTMP, MPD, and m3u8. The server requirements for this app are MySQL (5.1+), PHP version (5.6) and Apache. There are social media icons to share any streamed file with friends. All you have to do is to visit the separate search fields for video and audio searching. There is no limit to searching the audio files and videos to stream until you want. MindLogics has proved itself to be a great helping partner in any field.

How does Streaming Work?

Just like other data that are sent over the Internet, audio and video data is broken down into data packets. Each packet contains a small piece of the file, and an audio or video player in the browser on the client device takes the flow of data packets and interprets them as video or audio.
Sending video over the Internet, as opposed to sending text and still images, requires a faster method of transporting data than TCP/IP, which prioritizes reliability over speed.

What is the Difference Between Streaming and Downloading?

Streaming is real-time, and it’s more efficient than downloading media files. If a video file is downloaded, a copy of the entire file is saved onto a device’s hard drive, and the video cannot play until the entire file finishes downloading. If it’s streamed instead, the browser plays the video without actually copying and saving it. The video loads a little bit at a time instead of the entire file loading at once, and the information that the browser loads is not saved locally.

How Can Streaming Be Made Faster?

Streaming is subject to the same kinds of delays and performance degradations as other kinds of web content. Because the streamed content is stored elsewhere, hosting location makes a big difference, as is the case with any type of content accessed over the Internet. If a user in New York is trying to stream from a Netflix server in Los Gatos, the video content will have to cross 3,000 miles in order to reach the user, and the video will have to spend a long time buffering or may not even play at all. For this reason, Netflix and other streaming providers make extensive use of distributed content delivery networks (CDN), which store content in locations around the world that are much closer to users.

Some Benefits to Stream Audio/Video through Our App

MindLogics have introduced a great platform in the form of a web application to stream videos and audio files. Here are some benefits of experiencing the app.

MindLogics is a leading company that designs, develops, and promotes leading projects for all the companies, markets and industries. The company is known for its remarkable services. The company has hired the best professionals who can blend innovations and creativity with technology and come up with a unique web application for you. They know how to cater to your needs and stand up to your expectations. They can design your web app and website compellingly.
MindLogics is providing easier access to international clients who aim for the triumphant outcomes of their business goals. The company has a creative group of enterprise developers, project managers, digital marketers, developers and designers to cater to the needs of clients. The company adopts procedures and tested methods according to the requirements with practical and simple approaches.
The company offers graphic designing, web designing and development, UI/UX designing services, logo designing services, branding and stationery designing services, and many more services that you can opt for. With this, the company also focuses on developing an exam and learning web apps for you that you can use it to share knowledge across the globe. This will be helpful for your schools, academies, universities and many other education centres. If you want to modernize your education system then you should surely use exams and learning web apps developed by MindLogics.
Today, developing technologies are reformulating the education system, and the best of educational web apps play a key role in this progressive change. The use of web apps is not only limited to the field of communication, entertainment, and gamification but has also extended to various other fields, especially, education. In fact, the ongoing upsurge in the number of education apps has turned out to be the third most well-known web app category.

The Exam and Learning Web Application

Educational apps are one such platform where the students can outlook as well as attend to the pre-recorded lectures or chapter-wise lessons delivered by instructors. In this way, students get easy access to the classroom at any time of the day. With video content, students can use handy features like zooming into a particular image, rewinding/fast-forwarding anything wherever they want. Video-based content is the turning point of the educational industry and is proving beneficial to students and instructors. Indeed, their demand is progressive.
The web applications developed by MindLogics are designed for learning various courses, generating valuable reports, taking assessments, assessing exam results and assessing data in one place. One can find sufficient data to learn while administering, creating and grading the exam through this application. The clients are merely required to buy the software from MindLogics and even ask for additional features in it.
We believe in the provision of easy to apply and collect assessment data for the next-level performance by a student. The application offers seamless user experience to IT professionals, tutors and students. The exam and learning web app developed and designed by MindLogics prove to be the best addition to the education industry as they can easily handle their daily routine tasks and taking weekly, monthly and termly assessments become very effective and easy.

How Does the Application Work?

Features of Exam And Learning Application

The Benefits of Exam and Learning Web App

Have a look at some benefits of using Exam and Learning web application by MindLogics.

Final Thoughts

Thanks to rising technology, the e-learning industry has progressively grown in the past two decades. And, it continues to grow with better approachability and enhanced educational apps that cater to the requirements of people of all ages. Educational web apps are, in fact, making learning more fun and interactive than it ever had been.
You can get in touch with MindLogics to create such web apps and help in the branding, promotions, and creating strategies for your approach to the people to increase the visibility of your education industry.

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