OpenCampus Education is a software program built on SAS that makes daily tasks for educational institutions easier. The solution, aims to handle numerous jobs effectively while saving time of businesses.. Using our solution, schools can manage fees collection, student information, examination, homework and more with ease. Here are the categoris:

Benefits of OpenCampus Education

Increased effectiveness: By automating processes like attendance monitoring and grade reporting, our solution can help schools become more effective.

Improved communication: Communication between schools and parents and children can be improved with the use of Open Campus. Parents can send notes to instructors and administrators as well as view their child’s attendance, grades, and transcripts online. This can assist in informing parents about their child’s development and resolving any problems that could crop up.

Enhanced student data: Access control and other security features are included in our software, which can help to guard against unwanted access to student data.

Better reporting: Schools can create reports on student performance, attendance, and financial status with the use of Open Campus. These reports can be used to pinpoint areas that require improvement and monitor the school’s development over time.


A dashboard is a centralized location, where schools can witness essential information such as number of students and teachers, expenses, income, and notice board.

Admin Section

In this section schools can administer essential parts of the school system, including the following:

Admission Query

Visitor Book


Postal Receive

Postal Dispatch

Phone Call Log

Admin Setup

Student Certificate

Generate Certificate

Student ID Card

Generate ID Card

Student Info

Under Student info, schools can access detailed information about the enrolled students. Here are the essential categories, that can be found in this section:

Student Category

Add Student

Student List

Student Attedance

Student Attedance Report

Subject Wise Attedance

Student Group

Student Promote

Disabled Students


The academic section consists of features that help teachers manage their academic work. This section typically includes essential information about classrooms, subjects and class routine. The following tabs plays a vital role in managing school work:

Optional Subject





CL/EX Set Up

Assign Class Teacher

Study Material

This section allows the school to upload content, assignments, and syllabus for the students. Through the following activities, students are able to track study material with convinence:

Upload Content



Other Downloads

Fees Collection

This is a crucial section for schools, as it allows them to track and maintain school fees received from the students. With the help of following tabs, schools can maintain fees collection easily:

Fees Group

Fees Type

Fees Master

Fees Discount

Collect Fees

Search Fees Payment

Search Fees Due

Bank Payment


In accounts, schools can manage important aspects of accounts, including income, profits and expense. Furthermore, they can access the following:

Chart of Account

Bank Account





Human Resource

Under Human Resource, schools can efficiently manage information about their staff. The following data can be found under Human Resource tab:



Add Staff

Staff Directory

Staff Attendance


Staff Attedance Report


Payroll Report


This tab is desgined to record leaves, including types of leaves, number of pending leaves and applied leaves.The following categories founder under Leave are:

Leave Type

Leave Define


Pending Leave

Apply Leave


Schools can track and manage exams, grades, exam schedule and alot more through Open Campus. Saving their time they can track the following:

Marks Grade

Add Exam Type

Exam Set-up

Exam Schedule


Exam Attedance

Marks Register

Send Marks by SMS

Question Group

Question Bank

Online Exam


Using the homework tab, schools can add and check assigned homeworks. With the help of the following tab, teachers can maintain homeworks:

Add Homework

Homework List


Homwork Evaulation Report


With this feature, schools can converse with teachers and students easily. The following can be found under Communicate:

Notice Board

Send Email/SMS

Email/SMS log


SMS template


In Library, schools can easily keep record of books issued, returned and added. The staff can maintain the books through the following tabs:

Books Categories


Add Book

Book List

Add Member

Issue/Return Book

All Issue Book


This feature allows schools to manage their inventory efficiently. Through this they can maintain the list of items, number of items received and sell items. Here are the following tabs of Inventory:

Item Category

Item List

Item Store


Item Receive

Item Receive List

Item Sell

Item Issue


Transport allows schools to supervise and manage routes, vehicles and other related duties. The following tabs help enhance transport for schools:



Assign Vehicle

Student Transport Report


Schools can easily administrate details about the dormitory on OpenCampus. The solution collects the details regarding dormitory rooms, dormitory lists, room types, and student dormitory reports. It will aid to manage the following:

Room Type


Dormitory Rooms

Student Dormitory Report


Our OpenCampus is designed neatly to take care of all kinds of reports. It helps schools in creating reports without any hassle. By using our software, educational centers can easily track various kinds of reports, including Balance fees, Transactions and Student Report. Here are the reports that can be accessed easily:

Student Report

Guardian Reports

Student History

Student Login Report

Fees Statement

Balance Fees Report

Transaction Report

Class Report

Class Routine

Exam Routine

Teacher Class Routine

Merit List Report

Custom Merit List Report

Online Exam Report

Mark Sheet Report

Tabulation Sheet Report

Custom Progress Card Report

Custom Progress Card Report

Student Fine Report

User Log

Previous Result

Previous Record

System Settings

Through system settings schools can alter settings according to their requirements. The following can be personalized:

General Settings


Login Permission

Optional Subject

Academic Year

Custom Result Setting


Payment Method

Payment Method Settings

Module Manager

Manage Currency

Email Settings

Base Setup


Language Settings


SMS Settings

Button Manage



Email Template

API Permission


With the Style feature schools can change background settings and color layout. The following modules available in this section are:

Background settings

Color Theme

Front Settings

To enhance or change the front settings, schools can use the following categories:

Home Page

News List

News Category



Course List

Contact Page

Contact Message

About Us

News Heading

Course Heading

Custom Links

Social Media

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