Our Work

Over the years, we have proudly delivered a multitude of successful projects and innovative solutions to a diverse range of thriving businesses. Explore some of our standout accomplishments here.


StreamPulse is a music streaming web application where users can listen to and create their favourite music playlists.


StreamVista is a video-on-demand and electronic programming guide (EPG) web application.


Farosh is a marketplace where sellers and buyers can connect to buy and sell products across various categories of everyday life.


Share Hub is a social platform similar to Facebook, where users can connect with friends and family, and share posts, images, and videos on their wall.


Social Grow facilitates connections by allowing users to find like-minded friends who share similar interests and content.


Career Networking

Career networking is a professional social platform where businesses and employees can connect, share information, and find job opportunities.


EasyMD is a streamlined platform facilitating connections between doctors and patients within their local communities.

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